HCMC recently plans to establish the East City (temporarily named as Thu Duc City), which will contain three existing districts – D2, D9 and Thu Duc D; proposing for an international innovative and creative city. As estimation, the city will scale up to 211km2 and the population of 1.16 million people.


On 23/8, at the Party’s Civil Affairs Committee with the Standing Committee of the HCMC Party Committee to comment for the Political Report draft of the Party Congress (PC) of HCMC for the term 2020 -2025, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has showed his support for the idea and assigned the Ministry of Home Affairs to closely coordinate with HCMC and relevant departments to urgently process, planning elements, mobilize resources and report to competent authorities according to regulations. 

Before that, HCMC operated an international competition called “The planning concept for the development of a highly interactive, innovative urban area in the East of HCMC”. According to the concept of Sasaki – enCity, who won the first prize; the innovative East City will include 6 areas: 

High Tech Park

 + 1st: High Tech Park, which is oriented to become an automated manufacturing center, the home of the 21st century industry Vietnam 

National Universities and Startup center

+ 2nd: National Universities HCMC, where offers educational, training and a creative startup center, narrowing the gap between research and application

Thu Thiem – Finance Tech Center

+ 3rd: Thu Thiem – Financial Center, which is oriented to become the finance tech of the area 

Rach Chiec Sports Center

+ 4th: Rach Chiec, where is oriented to be ASEAN Sports and Health Center

Tam Da Eco- Tech Center

+ 5th: Tam Da, where is targeted to eco-tech center and highly resilient urban area

+ 6th: Truong Tho – the future city

On 24th of Aug, HCMC PC Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong emphasized the importance of the plan and pointed to the first move focusing on the Truong Tho Urban area to become the center of the city.

With the available advantages of being the eastern gateway of the city, and synchronous infrastructure with roads, waterways, metro stations, as well as being a high education training center, Thu Duc City is expected tobe a development force for Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the country in general to reach out to the territory.