The HCMC People's Committee has assigned the Department of Construction to guide investors to complete the preparation procedures for the commencement ceremony of Saigon Sport City project in September 2019. 

Authorized agencies guide investors in carrying out procedures for land assignment, land lease and change of land use purpose; determination of project land use levy; guide investors in the procedure of paying VND 100 billion to the City when committing to this project.

For the public land with an area of ​​about 5,600m2, the Department of Planning and Architecture should coordinate with the People’s Committee of District 2 to prepare, appraise and approve the detailed planning of 1/500 scale before organizing the match. land price. Department of Construction has also been assigned to conduct construction of a Muong Kinh Bridge connecting to the Saigon Sport City project..

Saigon Sports City Project is a complex housing area of ​​apartments, commercial and public service areas, located in the overall Rach Chiec sports complex, in An Phu Ward, District 2..

With a total construction scale of 64ha, the construction density is 25%, the land use coefficient is 1.29, expected to have a total of 10 blocks, with maximum 30 floors, providing about 4,300 condos.

Saigon Sports City complex is divided into 2 functional areas including sub-division 1 and sub-division 2. Division 1 has an area of 26ha, located in the North of Muong Kinh canal, is a sport area with training center, training ground system, an international standard competition center, and a park. Specifically, the construction items in this subdivision include a football field with a capacity of 10,000 seats, 9 tennis courts with a capacity of 2,000 seats, a covered swimming pool, schools, areas, commercial and park and office administrative areas.

Division 2 is 38ha wide, located in the south of Muong Kinh canal, invested to develop closed commercial – service centers, condominiums, high-rise buildings, offices, meeting centers. conferences, health care, culture … Specifically, the construction items in this subdivision include hotels, apartments for rent, supply to about 5,000 customers, the system of convention and exhibition centers. and high-rise apartments to meet about 12,000 residents.

The investor of the project is Saigon Sports City Co., Ltd. (jointly owned by Keppel Land and Chiap Hua). The project has a total investment of about 500 million USD.

The east of the project is adjacent to the sports area, housing, golf course and Himlam – Binh An residential area. The West is adjacent to South Chiec Chiec Sports Complex (Zone B and Zone C) and the multi-purpose competition center. The South borders the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway and the North has views towards the South Rach Chiec river