Sunshine City Saigon

Area The South
District  7
Segment Upper
First sale in 2018
Started construction in 2018
Current situation  Finsihed foundation
Handoverred in From 2021
Within 2km

The Best Solution For Your Property Demand


Taiwan International School 
Korea International School 

The Best Solution For Your Property Demand


French – Vietnam Hospotal 
Tam Duc Heart Hospital 

The Best Solution For Your Property Demand

Shopping Malls

Cresent Mall 
Big C 
Others Phu My Hung Center 
Price History $/m2
2018 2,000
2019 2,200 -2,800
2020 2,800 – 3,000 
Builder Sunshine Group
Contractor  Hoa Binh
Land area 99,900 m2
Construction density  29.50%
Blocks  09 (S01 – S09)
Floors 26 – 38 
Total 3,748
In which, 2,264 condos and 1,484 officetel 
Typica size: 
1 Bed No
2 Beds 67 -83 m2
3 Beds 101 – 104 m2
4 Beds  130 m2
Handover condition Fully furnished
Foreigner ownership  30% SPA + 50 years ownership (extendable based on current Laws)
Sunshine City brings a brand new concept to modern residents.
Sunshine Group applies 4.0 Industry technology into its electric equipment and property management, along with the use of triple low E glass, altogether which, for the very first time ever, exists in an upper class development in town.




Sunshine City has its own facilities which guarantee the best service and satisfaction for its residents, such as. S-mart, S-pharmacy, S-fitness and spa, S-café. Besides, there are also rooftop bar, Maple Bear Kindergarten, BBQ area, infinity pool, cinema, and sky bridge within the site.

Only by a couple of clicks on its own Sunshine App, among other things, Sunshine City residents can:

  • Turn on/off electric equipment, or even open/close curtain.
  • Shop online, call mechanics and get a cab.
  • Check availability of parking lot.
  • Get fire alarm notifications

Plus, with the credit function installed in resident card, residents can also borrow money up to 300 million VND to satisfy their needs.

All of these are truly considered as a breakthrough in Vietnamese real estate market, which is made completely possible by a local builder.


What makes Sunshine City different from other projects is that nearly all of the furniture handed over to the residents are imported from those big names like Kohler, Porta Doors, Daikin, and so on.

Also, several gold-plated details in its fixtures also makes Sunshine City a brave player in a real estate competition where the combination of innovation and luxury is indispensable when it comes to maximizing residents’ satisfaction.


This glass is consider as having good quality for the reason that it can reflect long-wave radiation back into the space so that only short-wave radiation is transmitted through the glass. This function helps consume the heat but still ensure the brightness from natural light.

Not many builders are able to use this kind of glass in their buildings due to high cost. However, Sunshine Group is different enough to make this possible, bringing a quality lifestyle to its Sunshine City residents.




Situated at the heart of District 7, Sunshine City Saigon brings to its residents a very different lifestyle through the application of technology, health protection by Low-E glass, luxurious furniture with gold plated details and a variety of Sunshine facilities. With all things combined, the price ranges only from 2.200$ to 2400$ per sqm, which is such a bargain for Sunshine City residents.