Metro Star

Address : 360 Hanoi Highway, Phuoc Long A Ward, District 9

Area The East
District  9
Segment Middle – Up
First sale in Jan 2019
Started construction in 2019
Current situation  Foundation processing
Handoverred in 2022
Within 2km

The Best Solution For Your Property Demand


Hong Duc Secondary – High School
Ngo Thoi Nhiem High School

The Best Solution For Your Property Demand


Price History $/m2
Jan 2019 1,400 -1,600 
Oct 2020 1,800 – 2,000
2020 2,200 – 2,500 
Builder CT Group 
Contractor  RIcons 
Land area 18,337.5 m2
Construction density  55%
Blocks  02 
Floors 30
Basements 02
Total 1,600
Typical size: 
1 Bed No
2 Beds 53 – 61.7 m2
3 Beds 73 – 75 m2
Handover condition Basic
Foreigner ownership  30% SPA + 50 years ownership (extendable based on current Laws)
The 10th station of the 1st subway will connect directly with the shopping mall of Metro Star by a sky bridge, through which the time moving to the CBD will be shortened to under only 10 minutes.


General layout
Metro Star is customized as wing sharp, thus all the units are able to catch the wind and sunshine

Tower 2 layout
Metro Star apartments are designed by Singaporean standard, oriented towards a green, dynamic and modern lifestyle – which is blended in with green nature. The project is designed into 2 and 3 bedroom, with the size ranging from 55 m2 to 74 m2.


Inspired by 3-wing star shape, Metro Star takes pride in its structure along with more than 100 internal facilities, which guarantees to bring out the best experience to its residents.



Our very first subway is considered as the next level of public transport in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, property close-by will be given an edge over its counterparts. A rocket increase in value is also anticipated to take place in the future. Metro Star gains an easy access to the 10th station of the Metroline by its sky bridge – which has never been seen before in any projects. Metro Star residents, therefore, will enjoy a very different lifestyle from others.

The subway is going to be completed in 2021, as almost the same time with Metro Star’s completion. Thus, both rental return and price appreciation is expected to see a dramatic soar.

With its wing sharp design, Metro Star is an iconic symbol in this area, in which all the condos are designed to catch sunshine and wind. Furthermore, the shopping mall should be a plus for Metro Star residents.

The typical size of a 2-Bedroom is around 55m2, which makes Metro Star an ideal place for the millennium family.