The East Zone (including D2, D9, Dong Nai) is leading the city in key traffic projects when 70% of HCMC’s infrastructure investment capital is concentrated in this area. It can be mentioned that a series of key transport infrastructure projects have been implemented in the East area such as the Hanoi Highway (D2), Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Highway (D2 and D9) and Mai Chi Tho Highway (D2). The bridge over Kim Cuong Island (D2), the 3-storey tunnel My Thuy (D2), the project of 4 bridges around Thu Thiem and most recently, the Cat Lai Bridge project connecting District 2 with Nhon Trach District (Dong Nai), the project to build the railway one track (monorail) No. 2 (Nguyen Van Linh – Thu Thiem section is being invested in plan …

In addition, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport has recently working on session with Dong Nai province to invest in the project of Thu Thiem railway – Long Thanh, preparing to connect Ho Chi Minh City with Long Thanh airport in the future. Along with that, Ho Chi Minh City is also planning to plan the East to become an interactive creative city within the districts of District 2, 9 and Thu Duc with an area of ​​more than 21,172 ha. The goal is to turn the East into a creative urban area, in which Ho Chi Minh City’s strategy is to take a synchronous transport infrastructure system one step ahead.

In particular, HCMC is also accelerating the implementation of Ring Road 3 with a length of 97.7 km, total investment of VND 10,142 billion to connect the Ho Chi Minh City area with Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Long An. It is known that the third ring of Tan Van – Nhon Trach section passes through Dong Ho Chi Minh City which is divided into two parts 1A and 1B. Section 1A from the provincial road 25B in Nhon Trach connected from the intersection of Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway will be invested with Korean loans. Paragraph 1B from Long Thanh – Dau expressway interchange with Thu Duc at Tan Van intersection will be invested by BOT form and now the prequalification step has been completed. Once the Nhon Trach – Tan Van section is completed, it will be connected to Tan Van to Binh Chuan section, and it will be closed with a belt ring 3 with strong connection with the East region traffic, creating a driving force for developing the real estate market here.

Recognizing the fact that the strong infrastructure development of the East Zone has made the real estate market here continuously develop to become the focus of investment of many leading real estate companies at home and abroad. . A series of urban and residential area projects create a modern, connected community, with many utilities being deployed here from reputable investors like Vingroup, Khang Dien and Nam Long. Capitaland, Keppel Land …

According to market observations at the beginning of 2019, many areas in the East area have been constantly increasing prices. Investors stated that the increasing price of land in the East is understandable, in which the main reason is the development of transport infrastructure, helping to shorten the travel time from the East districts. downtown. In addition, from the perspective of the need to select an area to settle, the Eastern Districts are still attractive options, especially when the East Zone in the future will become creative urban areas.

In particular, one reason for the real estate market to increase is that in the East real estate market, over a year ago, the real estate supply is scarce due to the tightening of legal procedures for housing projects. New supply is less likely to occur, price volatility is understandable. Statistics show that the average price level in Q1 / 2019 increased by more than 2% compared to the previous quarter, many projects recorded a 5-7% increase. If comparing the selling price of apartments in District 2, District 9 at the present time with about 2 years ago, it can be seen that the apartments here have increased an average of 40-60% of the value even more places. increased to several hundred percent, and liquidity always reached over 90%. In particular, completed and completed projects along the main roads of the East Zone are continuously “hunted”.

Evaluating the prospect of the East real estate, experts said that besides
convenient connection, this area is also highly appreciated because there is no
traffic jam or flood, while the air is cool due to many rivers and canals.
These factors contribute to the value of the real estate project located here.
Therefore, the East Real Estate Real Estate creates its own attraction in the
market and the cash flow of buyers is strongly shifted to this is

In fact, the vacant land fund in the East area is not much, while the demand for accommodation continues to increase, which is an advantage for projects that are launching goods at this time. New projects with legal status and favorable location still attract buyers, price fluctuations increase. According to experts, the East real estate in the coming time will continue to be vibrant as both buyers and investors now imagine the great attraction of this area both in the present and near future.

by Tuan Minh- Tri Thuc Tre