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Realty Consultant

. Provide

+ Overall property market information

+ Regulation and procedure for investors

+ Property projects latest updated

. Customize options based on personal demand


Site tour

. Site tour

. Customized site inspection tours


Property management

.Property management

.Rental management

.Resale management


Other services

Other services

. Complimentary local bank account application

. Foreign currency transfer

. Furniture design

. 24/7 relevant realty services


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About us

Vnrealtysolution provides a fully package property service for foreigner investors in HCMC, Vietnam.We provide multi-languages consultants, who diverse to speak Vietnamese, English, Cantonese, Korean…Our service will address you from a general idea of investment to clarify the demand, customize sites tour for your visual check, take care your investment life since your very first deposit to handover and do the post-purchase management to enhance the return value.
Vnrealtysolution aims to re-define the exclusive quality of property consultant service in Vietnam, whereas information is transparent, multi-choices customized based on your demand.